Jun 7, 2009

An introduction to fire simulation with FDS and Smokeview

This manual (download) was born as a small tutorial for students of fire safety engineering courses. Then it grew to the current state.
The main goal of this manual is to introduce the student to the complex world of fire simulation with NIST Fire Dynamic Simulator and complements the official documentation.
The official documentation remains an invaluable source of reference for advanced users and this manual is heavily based on it. Some large parts are even copy-pasted and adapted.
In this manual, topics are organized in a strict logical order and the basics are thoroughly explained to improve the learning curve. Some advanced topics are completely omitted for the sake of simplicity.
According to teaching experience, students understand the logic behind FDS and become autonomous learners after 12 hours of course: they learn to work independently and are able to develop reasonable engineering level applications by themselves.