May 8, 2010

BlenderFDS, first public release!

Dear FDS Community,

It is our pleasure to announce the first public release of BlenderFDS, an open source, cross-platform graphical user interface for FDS, which has been developed over the past several months by a small group of FDS users.
BlenderFDS main site is:
BlenderFDS is a tool that allows for the graphical creation of simple or complex geometry and exports an FDS input file. BlenderFDS is a add-on to the Blender software package, which is a free and open source 3D modeling tool. BlenderFDS is free and open source, was developed in Python, and is available for the Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms. Pre-existing 2D and 3D data of buildings can be imported from many CAD tools into Blender.

Note that BlenderFDS is a community-based effort and is completely unrelated and independent from the FDS development performed at NIST and other organizations. None of these organizations finance, support, endorse, or otherwise recommend BlenderFDS. 

BlenderFDS is provided as it is, and support is community-based. If you need commercial grade support, please refer to good commercial alternatives, as Pyrosim. 

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