May 8, 2010

The man in the base camp...

Don't know what to think about it, but this film is going to impress me:
Draquila by Sabina Guzzanti.  
I freely translated some text from the presentation:

A journalist told me one day: "I met a strange man who tells stories about L'Aquila. I did not understand much of what he was saying, but I told him to talk to you because this is the kind of things that interest you."
He was not wrong. It was July, the G8 would begin soon and I was determined to meet the gentleman in question. But in those days the city was under siege.
Some time after the end of the show, two friends and me marched to L'Aquila from Arezzo. The man saying things that could impress me was at home in an base camp. It was a beautiful evening, I there in the midst of them, some guys performed the imitation of their teacher in exchange for an imitation of B.
Then the happy climate of the evening blurred. The thing that struck me is that they all worship and felt a boundless gratitude for the volunteers and the firefighters, but to the leaders was a widespread feeling of distrust and fear.
Some of the rebels said: "Here they are doing an experiment. "What happens here is what they want to happen throughout Italy."
I was deeply influenced and I experienced the excitement of discovering on the field what the rest of Italy today is now discovering in the press.
We have noted the existence of a parallel state that was growing and no one knew anything about it. There is much talk of censorship of information in Italy. Well, censorship covers news such as this. Censorship and the constant threat of job loss for anyone who expresses dissent.
Why do Italians vote for B.? The violence of propaganda, the impotence of citizens, questions of the economy, illicit power relationships... and a catastrophe: the city of L'Aquila devastated by an earthquake... all these combined to show how the young Italian democracy has been subdued.